FAITH DRIVING ACADEMY LLC supports our kids in public schools.  Ask about our seasonal discounts for students currently enrolled in a public or private high school and/or post secondary institution of higher learning.  Choose the best course that meets your licensing need.  

38 Hour Prelicensing Driving Course- $435

This is the Louisiana graduated licensing program. It is also know as Driver's Education. This course is for students fifteen (15) years of age to seventeen (17) years of age. This course is divided into two sections, 30 hours of in-class instruction and 8 hours of Behind the Wheel instruction

14 Hour Prelicensing Driving Course- $415

This course meets the state requirements for applicants eighteen (18) years of age and older who have never acquired a learner's permit or license. Upon completing this course, applicants qualify to take the state written and behind the wheel exams. Applicants will then qualify for a Full Class E license.

8 Hour Behind the Wheel Only $475

This instructor led course in conducted in the academy dual controlled car with a certified instructor. This course is offered inconjuction with the 38 and 14 hour prelicensing course. It will be mandatory for all course offerings accept the 4 Hour Defensive Driving Course.

4 Hour Defensive Driving Course- $60

This course is designed to improve the road skills of current licensed drivers. This class fulfills the state ordered requirements for traffic offenses.

Third Party Road Skills Testing available. $40

This assessment is offered at the end of the 14 hr or 38 hr course to assess the student's driving ability in the driving environment. This test is mandated by the Office of Motor Vehicles. Please call to schedule your TPT today! Call us for more details.



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